Thursday, July 12, 2012

Art Purge Changes

Well I saw a friend this week, who has moved out of town but he is one of my earliest memories of making artistic friends in this town. I asked him the same question that I asked Lynn: "While we know that all art is transitional, there are some pieces that are definitley in the midst of experimentation and, for all intents and purposes, are kinda krap. What does one do with those pieces in between learning a new thing and taking it to a proper level? They are the middle fodder."

When I asked Lynn this questions, he said " what makes you think its any of your business to decide?"

Uuuuhhhhh....ok. Big thought. Makes my head hurt. Solves nothing. Yet.
I suppose that I think of my own art in a similar way to how we think about our children: They are mine, when actually, they are donated to us to raise for God, in what ever bent He wants them to grow into, but they are not really ours, lock stock or barrel.

Perhaps its similar for me with art, I still may be labouring under the misconception that my art is, in fact, mine?

I dunno. Need time to ponder.

I asked the same question of my artist friend, and he had a wealth of inspiring ideas to launch me into the notion of re-working them, effectively taking them to the next level.

So....I think I will continue to store them for a while until the next process for them presents itself.


Thanks for the good words JS!

ADDENDUM, as of May 2014:
Two of these pieces were reverse glass paintings. I took a hammer to them two nights ago. They went out in the garbage. I can only store so much at one time.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Art Purge on Weds, july 4th

I am sending multiple pieces to the Habitat for Humanity July 4th Fundraiser Auction.
two of them will be Kooky Cuisine pieces and maybe one or two of the abstract "Bottles" series.
4 pieces in all should clear out a fair space in my studio allowing me to move on to the next artistic level.

Monday, June 4, 2012

On the Horizon:

There is a huge art-purge looming.

In the past, I have been known to commit desperate acts of purging.
There is something freeing about destroying pieces of ones self.
I dunno what that's about.
You can engage your own mind in
any sort of ensuing psycho-babble about that
you want, I just don't have time or energy to
waste on it right now and would (arrogantly) advise you
to be like minded.

This time, because the particular items in my way are not
able to be lit on fire, or destroyed with scissors as in years past,
and, because I have been advised that destruction is stupid, I am
going to throw these items up on my website, Facebook, and maybe another place
with a starting bid of $35 to get rid of them so I have room to make
more art.

These pieces are large, and heavy glass.
They can NOT be shipped.
They represent a transitional period in my own
journey through art and painting specifically.

Due to recent (and what will become chronic) physical limitations on my part, I will not be making glass art of this size anymore. They are large enough to be too heavy for me to move from one venue to another easily, and they are simply in my way. I have been told to not let them go for less than $200 ea. But I have no venue to market them in right now and my studio is too far off the beaten path to attract routine tourist/pedestrian traffic.

So in order to press on creatively, I need to move these larger pieces.

Details to follow.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Studio Open and New Series: "Bottles"

This is a composite of 7 pieces just prior to being finished.
Finished pieces coming soon.
Art studio will be open this Saturday Noon - 6ish.
Studio located at 410 East Cascade Ave, Suite B.
(Next to the Old Charter School, at the end of the grassy lawn.)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Playing with Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta

I started messing about with Lightroom for the first time ever. A friend of mine, Marcel Paans, got me curious about it. So I found a trial version and tried to see how much I could learn in an hour.
I started with one photo. The tutorials I thought I had downloaded didn't actually download so I had to kind of wing it using only the tips that crop up when you first load the program. I managed to mildly enhance this image after playing with stuff for a bout 30 min. I started with this:

And ended up with this: I feel like I did learn something at the end of the time alotment, though it may seem small.

I went on to play with another image but I kinda went crazy with the colours and stuff just to see what would happen.

I started with this:

And ended up with this:

I keep having this niggling thought in the back of my mind, wondering if I couldn't do the same things with Photoshop if only I was just a little more adept at using it. Certainly it appears that greater familiarity with Lightroom will show me how wrong this first impression is.

So anyway, there is a fair learning curve on this thing, but I think I like it.

So far.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A friends artwork

I had NO clue that she was still painting! Permit me to introduce to you the fabulous and investigative artist known as Ashlee J. Francis:

Ashlee is athletic - trainer- extroardinaire-to-the-starz! As an art teacher, I could NOT be more proud! She comes from a Loooooooong line of artsy-fartsy so-and-so's, and I am so proud of her. Show this artist some LOVE!

You can read her blog here...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Important Painter/painting.(to me anyway) that of Maurice de Vlaminck.
I was trudging through the Orsay of an afternoon, as only one can trudge after having spent the better part of a day gazing upon the greats of art history.
I passed into a small room, a window on the opposite wall.
I walked toward it and gazed at the art on my left and right.
Then I turned completely around to face the wall behind me...
...all of the air was sucked out of my body and my brains leaked out onto the floor as I took in the conglomeration of all of my favorite colours: red, yellow, orange, fuschia, all contained in one single master work : "Bougenville" is what I *think* it is called.
I was able to stand mere inches from it. I could see every single brush stroke. It was like my mouth and brain filled up with the taste of butter.
Anyway, I stumbled across this painting recently, in a book I purchased at the Orsay simply because it had an image of this painting in it. I was reminded of all those things that once inspired me. All of the hot colours that make me want to breathe again.

Words to live by every day...

by Ira Glass:

Thanks to J Ryd for sharing this.

This is not my art

When Jesus wasn't looking, the neighbor kids flipped the signs around.

(In retrospect we all sat around scratching our heads, asking ourselves
"What the Heaven happened to that nice couple?")

Quick Pencil Sketch while at work

This is a coloured pencil sketch I did at work last week while we were slow. Just for fun, to remind myself of how I used to use pencils years ago. I remember now that I like coloured pencils....but this didn't scan so well for some reason. The original is FAR more vibrant and less...uh...funkified/pixilated and gross.
Anyway, I remember why I liked coloured pencils. :o)

1 hour of bordeom yeields predictable result.

There was a children's sized chair propped on the counter, on hold for a customer today. So we close at 5pm. At 3:45 I was looking for some interesting thing to do, having swept and done all that can be done etc, I found myself waiting on the clock to get to 5pm. So I slapped out a quick-n-dumb line drawing of the nearest thing to me which was the little chair. Dumping it into photo-shop I noticed what a combative stance the little chair had. I gave it an opponent and they engaged in the first High Desert Furniture Brawl ever depicted in any sort of media.

1 hour of boredom = Chair Fight.

Dear Betty Woodman...

... I stumbled upon the PBS special regarding your daughter Francesca.She certainly is a "Light" isn't she?Even so, when I saw your own works represented, for me they were like food...sometimes art strikes me oddly: as a thing that simultaneously consumes one, while one is consuming it.It is a glorious, ecstatic cycle that goes on and on.Like you, I am a mom.My heart thrills (and winces sometimes) at the fact that I have managed to raise glorious creative children. Each one entirely different in their bents and yet each one entirely amazing to me. Even the ones who are poets! ;o)When looking at the greatness of humanity, it is not necessarily those who have risen to great wealth and power in the tangible sense, who make global impacts, but it is those who are able to show heart, and love, compassion and humour; it is THOSE who are able to count themselves rich - perhaps not in gold or land - but in the company of friends, and of their creative encouragements to their fellow man on this journey toward God.As I look upon my own, I think of you, and I relish my own kids accomplishments, not merely in what they have done, but mostly in who they have managed to become so far.I could die today and be happy in that God has/is making them who they are supposed to be in HIS perfect plan/thingie/whatever.While I am not related to Betty Woodman in any way shape or form, I think of her as a sister in art - and yet to say such a thing, even in print, is to feel far too pompous on my part.See her works HERE, and read about her HERE.