Thursday, January 18, 2018

                                                                          47th Floor

 Abstract Squares


 Golden Gardens Bath House


 Flanders by the Sea


I Thought To Myself

(an homage to Chihuly)


 Rainbotre Dame


 Border Town


Joe -vs- The Java

 Working Mom

 Alliance Kitchen 1


Chair Fight


Christian Sub-culture

Collage Bateau

 Prayer (aka Brawny Paper Towel)

 Religion -vs- God


(Original canvas was destroyed in the fire.  Only available digitally)

 Fish Apron


 Ink Mountains

 Inner Light


Scout's Scanoe

Friday, April 7, 2017

New work

I have been revisiting my love of colored pencils.
You can find larger versions in my GALLERY

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I found an old sketch book last month. I had forgotten how much I enjoy coloured pencils.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Studio Open and New Series: "Bottles"

This is a composite of 7 pieces just prior to being finished.
Finished pieces coming soon.
Art studio will be open this Saturday Noon - 6ish.
Studio located at 410 East Cascade Ave, Suite B.
(Next to the Old Charter School, at the end of the grassy lawn.)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Important Painter/painting.(to me anyway) that of Maurice de Vlaminck.
I was trudging through the Orsay of an afternoon, as only one can trudge after having spent the better part of a day gazing upon the greats of art history.
I passed into a small room, a window on the opposite wall.
I walked toward it and gazed at the art on my left and right.
Then I turned completely around to face the wall behind me...
...all of the air was sucked out of my body and my brains leaked out onto the floor as I took in the conglomeration of all of my favorite colours: red, yellow, orange, fuschia, all contained in one single master work : "Bougenville" is what I *think* it is called.
I was able to stand mere inches from it. I could see every single brush stroke. It was like my mouth and brain filled up with the taste of butter.
Anyway, I stumbled across this painting recently, in a book I purchased at the Orsay simply because it had an image of this painting in it. I was reminded of all those things that once inspired me. All of the hot colours that make me want to breathe again.

Words to live by every day...

by Ira Glass:

Thanks to J Ryd for sharing this.