Monday, June 4, 2012

On the Horizon:

There is a huge art-purge looming.

In the past, I have been known to commit desperate acts of purging.
There is something freeing about destroying pieces of ones self.
I dunno what that's about.
You can engage your own mind in
any sort of ensuing psycho-babble about that
you want, I just don't have time or energy to
waste on it right now and would (arrogantly) advise you
to be like minded.

This time, because the particular items in my way are not
able to be lit on fire, or destroyed with scissors as in years past,
and, because I have been advised that destruction is stupid, I am
going to throw these items up on my website, Facebook, and maybe another place
with a starting bid of $35 to get rid of them so I have room to make
more art.

These pieces are large, and heavy glass.
They can NOT be shipped.
They represent a transitional period in my own
journey through art and painting specifically.

Due to recent (and what will become chronic) physical limitations on my part, I will not be making glass art of this size anymore. They are large enough to be too heavy for me to move from one venue to another easily, and they are simply in my way. I have been told to not let them go for less than $200 ea. But I have no venue to market them in right now and my studio is too far off the beaten path to attract routine tourist/pedestrian traffic.

So in order to press on creatively, I need to move these larger pieces.

Details to follow.